April 8, 2014

I'm a Registered Architect, now what?

It has all sunk in now. I am a licensed and registered architect. Now what? Though the exams experience was challenging, I am grateful for the experience. It expanded my knowledge and understanding of architecture. It also inspired me to research, learn, read, travel and perfect my craft (if that's even possible). This is a profession that not only lends itself to continued learning & education but one that cannot be completely mastered. Even the greats such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe would all say the same.

Being a young architect, I have much to learn in the coming years about the accountability of being a design professional and business itself. I have amassed a great deal of experience already but I hope to absorb even more from the talented architects that surround me on a daily basis.  

Meanwhile here are the 3 things I've done to date: 

1. State requirement: I've researched with my state on maintaining registration, what that entails and the time frames for submissions. I even found out NYS has an Architect photo ID issued through the department of education. That's cool. I will definitely check that out.   

2. Join professional organizations: I am a part of AIA (now full fledged) and have my LEED AP certification already. I am looking into some other organization for possible joining which I am passionate about. One namely being NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects). 

3. Lastly- Look out for continuing education: They are all around me on a constant basis. Whether it is in the ARCHITECT magazine, lunch & learns in my office or seminars at large convention centers events. I do not feel any shortage of opportunities. 

Having my BArch I am wondering if it's beneficial to go back for my masters degree in a related field? Possibly a focus on sustainability, business or construction. Maybe do some smaller certificate programs. One thing is for sure, there is a code of conduct which I will continue to follow which protects the health, wellness and safety of the public. Onward and upward! What do you think?  


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