Architecture Registration Exam - ARE

The Architecture Registration Exam is a very difficult exam which many interns face following their formal college education just as they start gaining actual work experience. Or some may wait and later on in life decide it's time to overcome this major hurdle. These exams are not to be taken lightly though the very scenarios they test are not real world design issues but more like segregated problems narrowed to "test" one particular item. Below are post from myself as well as other contributors on this topic. 

1. Architectural Registration Exam - My Approach and what to do

by Jared W. Smith, R.A.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Architecture (Parts 1) 
by Rae Solomon

3. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Architecture (Parts 2) 
by Rae Solomon

4. My ARE Experience 
by Georgiana Haynes

5. An Essay of my Architectural Journey  
by Ron Kunateerachadalai 

6. Road Trip to Architect, USA
by Michele Crawford 

7. The ARE 5.0: What you need to know
by Jared W. Smith, R.A.

8. Why you should prepare like the "6 month rule" is still in effect 
by Jared W. Smith, R.A.

9. Family Life while tackling the ARE (A submission to the NCARB Blog)
by Jared W. Smith, R.A.

10. A Lesson Learned in Architecture: The ARE (A submission to NYCOBA/NOMA for the Jumaane Steward Recognition Award)
by Jared W. Smith, R.A.

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This website/blog is not affiliated with NCARB and is not endorsed or sanctioned by NCARB. Here is a reminder from NCARB given to those using websites to prepare for the ARE.

Confidentiality Agreement pertaining to taking exams:
"I understand that the content of this examination is confidential. I agree that I will not divulge any questions on this examination to any individual or entity. I understand that the unauthorized possession, reproduction, or disclosure of any examination materials, including the nature or content of examination questions, before during or after the examination is in violation of law. A violation of this type can result in a civil liability and/or disciplinary action by my Board of Architecture."


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