December 2, 2014

Instagram, Architecture & Photography

I recently entered the world of Instagram, a little apprehensive but open minded. It's been almost a month and I can say for sure: there are a lot of people on there! I'd be happy if you'd follow me @RegisteredArchitect.

Amazing to see the exchange of those with a love of creative expression. My initial reaction to be interested in the expected architecture related post but that has crossed over to art and general non-architectural Photography. The following is phrases as well as lessons learned from my journey trickled with some of my recent post. Mind you I am a self taught Photography still learning my way around this complex world. 

It is fairy easy to capture a photo on a cell phone, use a filter and post it.

The manner in which you go about capturing that photo is what will differentiate a good from a great instagramer.

Framing and composition is just as important as the subject matter being shot.

Apparently likes and followers can be bought and sold.

There are some extremely talented people on Instagram.

Exchanging of photos from all over the world in real time is pretty awesome.

I am more likely to be drawn to a perfectly composed photo of an iconic building or a hand drawn sketch than the other nonsensical things posted.  

Though started with mainly iPhone photos, I will gradually incorporate my DSLR photos also.

I am in agreement with those that feel the average person's snapshots in Instagram aren't 'real' Photography but there are some exceptions to the rule.

With little control over my iPhone's camera, at times I cannot capture the photo the way I want.

I would rather achieve 1,000 real followers than 10,000 fake followers. 

Instagram makes you think about your surroundings more.

There's a whole host of useless users, in my opinion, on Instagram just like other social media.

Architecture is not always about just seeing the whole building or project but also its details that make it interesting. 

Facebook and Instagram have a different mix of people that frequent them. 

One thing's for sure, I wish I had joined years ago!

Instagram is addicting with so much to explore. 

I love photography almost as much as architecture. This feeds my passion and inspires!  

I shoot exclusively with my iPhone 6 and my Pentax k5 & kr bodies coupled with several lenses. Being a hobbyist photographer I do not shoot (my DSLR) ever day or even every week but it is never far from my mind & hand. With Instagram it has encouraged me to seek out opportunities with my mobile and DSLR to capture good moments in time. I hope to improve my skills and gain genuinely interested followers.

There is much more to come in the future. You can check me out on Facebook at and on Instagram at